Pharma Division

Comed is responsive to the needs of the humans who fall ill many a times for no fault of theirs. It offers various formulation in Tablets, Capsules, liquids, injectables, Dry powders and soft gels forms. It has excellent infrastructure, latest equipment and most comprehensively equipped QA,QC and R&D labs to support is continually innovative efforts in Human Healthcare.

Comed serves the deserving millions with its products in Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Arthritics, Anti-infectives, Anti-pyretics, Anti -migraines and antiemetics, Vasoprotectives, anti cold and cough, Hypothyroidism, Anti ulcerants & anti nuceuatics, Steroidal Anti- Inflammatories, Anti Allergics, Apetite stimulants, Anti Oxidants, and Haematinics fields.

Pharma Glossary

Its regular induction of latest molecules, combinations and new dosage forms ensure that the user gets latest in technology and research With a wide range of variants in each product, Comed’s formulations are the Doctor’s preferred choice for various segments like Ortho, Gynec, ENT, Cardiovascular, Gastro and many others, where it finds its medicines use with confidence and trust.

Comed’s obsession with Quality and affordability gives it the cutting edge and make its products a favored choice of the medical fraternity and the reputed organizations involved in human healthcare.