A Beginning

It was in 1986, when a team of experienced and energetic Pharma professionals decided to go big and to do something different and better than routine. A seed was sown: a beginning was made.

These young, dynamic and experienced future leaders chose Baroda (Now called Vadodara), the Educational and Pharma capital of Gujarat (Western India) as their base, a choice which itself proved to be big contributing factor for growth.

Today Comed with its Corporate office located in the beautiful city of Baroda (Vadodara) has grown to be a very dynamic, multi product, multi locational and multi divisional entity manufacturing and marketing a very wide and impressive range of medicinal dosage form for Human health care, from its WHO, USFDA standard plants, and Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules, a vital input for Pharma Industry.

It happens to be the only company in the state of Gujarat manufacturing Formulations and empty Hard Gelatin capsules under one roof.

The group has three manufacturing plants, 2 of which are located near Baroda (Vadodara) in Gujarat state and the latest and third one set up as per USFDA norms in the picturesque and hilly state of Himachal Pradesh located 50 kms from the city beautiful Chandigarh.

The group today manufactures 7 million Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules per day on latest fully automatic and computerized capsule lines and is a regular supplier to best of the companies.

The group has its overseas offices in Dubai, Nairobi (Kenya), Lusaka (Zambia) and Colombo (Sri Lanka) and is fast registering more and more products into various countries.

The group is now a well established and leading player in the health care market, bringing regularly the innovated products from its state of art R&D lab that is approved by DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) the highest certifying authority in India.

Its marketing and distribution set up covers the length and breadth of the entire Indian nation and also helps other countries to fight the diseases and misery.


Our vision sets the direction for our moves

  • To explore new horizons as a front runner in the Indian Pharmaceutical market, by remaining focused on chosen therapeutic and other segments.
  • To establish and consolidate ourselves as a group that cares, and is known for excellent and innovated products for human healthcare.
  • To consolidate our position in Global market.


Our mission decides the milestones and helps us organizing our resources

  • To emerge as a large Multidimensional Pharmaceutical Company.
  • To constantly work towards achieving more smiles on the faces of ailing masses.
  • To maintain a health above average industrial growth and be one of the top 50 Pharmaceutical companies of India.
  • To review our strengths regularly so as to meet the national and international challenges effectively.
  • To establish world class production facilities in India.
  • To always strive for excellent relations with our suppliers, customers, employees and beneficiaries.

Corporate Values

Our Core Values consistently remind us of Human dignity and what is expected out of us

  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Performance
  • Customers
  • Quality of Products and Service
  • Community