Personnel and Administration
To transform any vision into reality, the most potent resource is people, and that is what our Personnel and Administration Department located at our corporate office provides, trains, maintains and controls.

We are thorough in our search for the right people, we recruit them with an intention to retain them, we train them to impart necessary skills and we ensure that they grow, prosper & live happily.

Our Personnel & Administration department at corporate Office maintains latest required database, conducts regular surveys to keep up with industry and is managed by competent people.

Comed services the entire nation through its well trained field staff, that is kept regularly updated with requisite knowledge and exposure through extensive classroom and field training. Comed has state of art Conference and training rooms equipped with latest audio visual equipment. Its field force is always in the battle gear and eager to accept challenges.

It simultaneously acts as eyes and ears of the group that provides highly valuable inputs which are used for strategic planning to effectively meet the ever changing marketing dynamics.

Our dedicated product managers constantly assess the market needs and our modern art studio provides the latest promotional literature and world class packaging designs that add value to the product.

We do create trust in our products which is based on uncompromising quality, latest raw materials, well researched and manufacturing processes carried on the latest of equipment and machinery.

A clearly defined hierarchy helps avoid duplication and is a key factor in assigning responsibility.

Field Staff
We don't count heads of 1000 field personnel, we count 2000 hands! Yes, that is the number of our Field Force in the market. Their job is, to be with the medical fraternity and develop trust in our products. They are regularly trained and exposed to the latest marketing tactics.

They are highly motivated, bubbling with energy and enthusiasm and are full of conviction about our product quality. They bring to us customer's need and take to them their satisfaction. Headed by Area Managers and Regional Managers we have a well-oiled mechanism to achieve our goals and everybody works towards that.

Purchase Department
The very heart of smooth operations is Purchase Department, which is located in the corporate office premises to facilitate buying operation. It is headed by a highly competent person with more than a decade experience in Pharmaceutical Industry.

Fully computerized system takes care of all logistics and acts like eyes and ears of the management keeping a constant watch on the price movement of various local and imported materials.

Accounts & Finance
Headed by a chartered accountant with decades of experience, the department manages the life line of the business. Its profile is unique. It is primarily responsible for making both Debtors and Creditors happy and satisfied with the group policies. It analyses Govt Directives, keeps in touch with others who might be looking for similar solutions and ensures the timely receipt & disbursement of the payment.

Our operations are headed by Vice President (Operations) who is highly competent and has more than three decades of industrial experience including a decade of overseas exposure with multinationals to his credit. He heads the executive team of highly innovative and dynamic people. He handles the entire operation of the plant as per declared policy of the management and as per the agreed set goals.

Being a techno commercial person he is capable of conceptualizing the business and its requirements. He is the management representative at plant site and ensures that our state of art plant is maintained as per International standards.

Quality Control & Assurance
Our Quality Control department is envy of many.

It is equipped with the latest equipment & instruments to ensure that our promises to our users are fully met. It is headed by a highly competent person to achieve established standards.

He takes the best out of highly sophisticated equipment provided to him not only to ensure the adherence to mandatory requirements but also for innovating and establishing the required working standards and procedures for continuous development and improvement.

Production is the bridge between our premises and the user, it converts the chemicals into the medicines and ensures that marketing requirements are fulfilled in time and there are no shortages.

Our production staff keeps warehouses at optimum level and it discharges its responsibilities with diligence. This is proved by the regular repeat orders of our various customers, who have been with us since inception and have unfailing faith in us.

Human Resources Development
The most respected and envied resource of all the right companies is an operating maxim at Comed Group. It is the most desirable, honed and sharpened tool in COMED’s kitty and is the mainstay of meeting newest challenges and exploiting business opportunities.

People at Comed are a visibly happy lot and strive very hard to take the group to new heights.

The group’s philosophy is to source, appoint and train the best available and provide them an opportunity of personal growth, thus converting them to valuable assets for its companies.

The department maintains current and updated database and have annual training schedules meticulously worked out for the benefit of all.