Situated at a distance of approximately 20 Kms from Baroda Railway Station, it lies on tree laden Sakarada- Savli Road on National Highway-8. It is a WHO approved manufacturing facility to manufacture various formulations in Tablets and Capsules and also houses the company’s EHG capsule manufacturing facility.

It is equipped with the latest computerized equipment for various manufacturing processes thus ensuring that the processes are carried out as per all regulatory requirements and their validity is assured.

Its EHG capsule manufacturing plant boasts of latest high speed fully computerized lines producing day in and day out High Quality capsules required by its highly discerning clientele.

Supported by the best in utilities and training facilities, this plant acts as a spring board for the new recruits for structured introduction, orientation and regular training.

This complex also houses the R&D unit of Comed group which is always overloaded with the unending requests from its marketing research wing.
Its scientists are busy finding new and more effective dosage forms, improving bio-availability of the products and new combinations as they keep abreast with the latest on Pharma front thus ensuring that the ever increasing requirement of the suffering masses is met before a crisis develop.